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57 Georgians Deported from Germany

57 citizens of Georgia were expelled from Germany due to violation of the visa liberalization...


European Commission supports improving reception conditions in Greece with extra €37.5 million

The European Commission has awarded an additional €37.5 million in emergency assistance under the Asylum,...


The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova approves Diaspora Programme for 2019 – 2025

The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova has approved on 1 August the Diaspora Programme "DAR...


Canada introduced a biometric control for Ukrainians

Canada on July 31 started to collect biometric data from all applicants for visas with...


Over one million Ukrainians already enjoy EU visa-free regime

According to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, over one million Ukrainians have already enjoyed...


EU is drafting its Neighborhood Policy budget for 2021-2027

The European Union is not planning a significant shift in the pace or scale of...


Do international migrants increase their happiness and that of their families by migrating? – Overview of chapter 3, WHR 2018

The considerable happiness differences between countries suggest that migrating to another country provides for many...


International migration and world happiness: nine key takeaways from chapter 2, WHR 2018

  1. How international are the world’s happiest countries? Looking at the 10 happiest countries (Finland,

  2. ...

Overview of the World Happiness Report 2018 (WHR 2018) with a special focus on migration: international aspect

If rural-urban migration within countries is an age-old phenomenon, large-scale international migration has increased greatly...

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