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EU launches mobility partnership with Belarus

The EU launched a Mobility Partnership with the Republic of Belarus at a meeting in...


Migration rates of Armenian citizens slowed down

After political developments that took place in Armenia in reсent months, the outflow of migrants...


Panel Meeting on Information Campaigns to take place in Tbilisi

On 11-12 October the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration, Mobility and Integrated Border Management* meeting...


Ukraine and Georgia to simplify border crossing procedures

Ukraine and Georgia simplify border crossing procedures, which make it possible for their citizens to...


Ukrainian Parliament amended the procedure for extradition of offenders from Ukraine

Ukrainian Parliament has approved at the second reading the implementation of the provisions of the...


Belarus postpones introduction of biometric documents till 2020

The introduction of biometric documents in Belarus has been postponed till 2020 because of the...


Panel Meeting on Integrated Border Management took place in Odessa

On 27-28 September 2018, the Panel Meeting on Integrated Border Management was held in Odessa....


Seven key trends of migrant smuggling to Europe

  • Europe as destination

Shifting the perspective from origin to destination, Europe is a key destination...


The most curious findings of the Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants: 12 key takeaways

  • Smuggling of migrants is a big business with high profits

There is evidence that,...


Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants 2018 - Overview

This is the first Global Study on Smuggling of Migrants from the United Nations Office...

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