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Conference on Complementary Protection



On 24-25 March 2004, UNHCR jointly with the Directorate General of Legal Affairs of the Council of Europe and the CBC/Söderköping process Secretariat, held a conference “Complementary Forms of Protection”. The conference’s aimed to support the process of developing the complementary protection legislation and mechanisms in Ukraine, pursuant to its Programme of Regulating Migration Processes (2003-2005), and encouraging similar developments in Belarus and Moldova.

During the conference, leading international experts from the Council of Europe, and UNHCR presented the latest policies, international standards and the experience of selected European countries in the area of complementary protection.

The conference was attended by Ukrainian Members of Parliament, representatives of the Presidential Administration, Cabinet of Ministers, State Committee for Nationalities and Migration, Ministry of Justice, Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, National Border Guard Service, as well as delegations from Moldova and Belarus.

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