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Fourth Steering Committee Meeting



On 8 September 2004, the Steering Committee of the Söderköping process held a meeting in Minsk, Belarus to discuss matters pertinent to the activities of the CBCP Secretariat. The meeting was hosted by the UNHCR Representation in Belarus.

Of the various issues discussed, the Steering Committee finalized and approved the Draft CBCP Secretariat Work Plan. Following the previous project framework, the Secretariat’s Work Plan includes organizing various Söderköping process events, such as cluster meetings, thematic workshops, a senior level review meeting, and briefing for embassies and international organizations; carrying out certain analyses and research activities, ensuring information exchange, and providing assistance to the CBCP countries concerning funding opportunities. Additional project activities were included among which the drafting of an inventory of training activities on-going in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova as well as an inventory of research activities in the field of asylum and migration undertaken by international organizations and other institutions.

Having discussed a range of operational matters relating to the work of the Secretariat, the members of the Steering Committee held a preliminary discussion on the perspectives of continuation of the Söderköping process in 2005/2006.

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