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Regional Conference on Cross-Border Co-operation


Zemplinska SiravaSlovakia

On 24-25 September 2002, UNHCR convened a senior level conference on cross-border co-operation between Hungary, Ukraine and Slovakia (Uzhgorod process) in Zemplinska Sirava. The conference aimed to analyse the developments of the present state of affairs with respect to the future enlarged EU Eastern border and to find practical ways of effective cross-border co-operation in a region, which had seen an increased number of irregular migrants and asylum seekers.

The conference was attended by senior asylum, migration and border guard officials, the EC, IOM, representatives of Denmark (EU Presidency) and the USA, as well as NGOs from the participating countries.

The meeting heard reports on asylum- and migration-related issues from representatives of the abovementioned countries as well as UNHCR, the EC, and IOM. Two working groups on migration management and treatment of asylum seekers and refugees discussed possibilities of concrete projects of co-operation.

Among the issues raised by the participants and recorded in the concluding document were:

  • support to the proposals of the last Söderköping process meeting to enlarge it and include the Uzhgorod process countries;
  • creation of a reliable data collection and sharing system on asylum and migration issues;
  • study visits on, inter alia, reception conditions, national organisational structures and legislation, the refugee status determination procedure, and integration programmes;
  • separated children seeking asylum;
  • training sessions on interviewing techniques;
  • NGO co-operation;
  • implementation of the above proposals and further funding of cross-border co-operation activities.

Regional Conference on Cross-Border Co-operation

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