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Round Table for Belarusian Governmental and Non-governmental Organisations



On 4 September 2003, the CBCP Secretariat in co-operation with UNHCR Representation in Belarus held a round table for Belarusian governmental and non-governmental organisations in Minsk. The round table aimed to introduce the CBCP Secretariat project; inform participants of upcoming project activities; learn their concerns in the asylum and migration management field and their ideas and expectations as to the role of the Secretariat in the cross-border co-operation process; as well as to brief on recent EU developments in the migration, asylum and border management field, including potential EU funding opportunities.

The round table participants were interested in developments in the EU and other countries' legislation, refugee integration programmes, efforts in combating irregular migration as well as upcoming funding opportunities. They also articulated a need for establishing co-operation with respective counterparts in other CBCP countries and in the EU, and a need for joint training and experience sharing on border management, implementation of migration related laws and court practice issues.

The discussions held in Belarus, together with the outcome of the round table in Moldova and Ukraine convened earlier this year, assisted the Secretariat to carry out a gaps analyses and develop some ideas for linking these countries with initiatives and activities of other countries in the region in order to address common concerns in a regional forum or on a bilateral basis.

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