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Round Table for Moldovan Governmental and Non-governmental Organisations



A round table for Moldovan governmental and non-governmental organisations was held by the CBCP Secretariat in co-operation with UNHCR Representation in Moldova on 2 September 2003 in Chisinau. The round table aimed to introduce the CBCP Secretariat project, inform participants of upcoming project activities, and learn about their concerns in the asylum and migration management field, as well as their ideas and expectations as to the role of the Secretariat in the cross-border co-operation process.

Both governmental and non-governmental organisations expressed their interest in collecting information from other countries in the region on existing registration and information systems, humanitarian status or alternative protection and relevant legislation and good practices in resolving problems similar to those faced by Moldova. They emphasised a need for expert assistance in drafting and amending national legislation and creating a migration management system as well as support in establishing contacts with counterparts within the Söderköping process for training and experience-sharing on border management issues.

Based on these discussions the Secretariat will be able to work out recommendations to address the concerns of Moldovan authorities in the cross-border co-operation process context.

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