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Round Table for Ukrainian Governmental and Non-governmental Organisations



The CBCP Secretariat held a round table for Ukrainian governmental and non-governmental organisations in Kyiv on 26 June 2003. The round table aimed to introduce the project, inform participants of upcoming activities and learn their ideas and expectations as to the role of the Secretariat and concerns that could be addressed through the cross-border co-operation process.

Both governmental and non-governmental organisations expressed their interest in collecting information from partner countries on legislation and legal practice issues related to asylum and irregular migration management as well as in establishing direct contacts with their counterparts in other "Söderköping process" countries for information and experience sharing purposes. They also emphasised the need for information on various funding opportunities and projects in other countries, in particular those on asylum registration systems, and training activities related to reception facilities, identification of asylum seekers and integration of refugees.

Based on these discussions the Secretariat will be able to work out recommendations to address the concerns of Ukrainian authorities in the cross-border co-operation process context.

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