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Suceava Meeting



The National Refugee Office and the Romanian National Refugee Council jointly convened a cross-border workshop in Suceava on 17-20 November 2002. The workshop aimed to uphold the asylum legislation and to promote the EU Acquis and co-operation among the migration and border guard authorities in Romania and Ukraine.

The workshop was organised within the “Co-operation between Romania and Ukraine on Asylum and Border Control” project funded by the Open Society Foundation. Migration and border guard services, central and regional authorities, and NGOs from Moldova, Romania and Ukraine, as well as representatives from IOM and UNHCR participated in the event.

The workshop participants discussed such issues, as the EU Acquis on asylum, EU standards on the asylum procedure at the border checkpoint, non-refoulement principle, asylum seekers vis-à-vis illegal migrants, access to the territory and the refugee status determination procedure, and international co-operation in the migration field.

Based on the discussions held, the participants suggested that:

  • Romania be included in the Söderköping process to develop co-operation between the asylum and migration authorities of those countries that would soon be bordering the EU;
  • several meetings be organised within the mentioned framework;
  • a series of training sessions for Border Police operative staff be organised with the focus on processing asylum applications at border checkpoints and on minimal safeguards in line with the EU Acquis.

Suceava Meeting

Unofficial Report on Suceava Meeting (27 KB)

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