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December 2017

The Eastern Partnership Migration and Asylum Panel meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants took place in Warsaw on 14-15 December 2017. The event was co-hosted by Poland and Georgia with the...

April 2016
Organising countries: 
Moldova and Poland
14-15 April 2016
November 2014

About 50 representatives of EU Member States, Eastern Partnership countries, academia and international organizations gathered in Warsaw to discuss joint opportunities and challenges in the field...

May 2013

The Expert Workshop on Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings, organized within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum, took place in Warsaw, Poland. Participants...

December 2012

The Panel Meeting was dedicated to the information exchange on general developments in the area of migration and asylum with particular focus on circular migration in the EU and Eastern...


On 14-15 December 2017 the Panel Meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants to be held in Warsaw.

The meeting will gather experts from the EU Member States, the Eastern Partnership...


Work in Poland will be more regulated for foreigners. Marzanna Skoczek, the Director of District Department of Labor in Grojec, claimed that, starting from January 2018, new rules on the...


According to the Polish office for foreigners, more than 100 thousand foreigners have applied for the residence permit...

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