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Expert Meeting on Preventing Facilitation of Irregular Migration

Increased migratory flows in recent years have led to difficulties in forecasting the displacement of significant number of migrants and created challenges in migration management. The migration crisis, which mostly affected the Member States of the European Union following an influx of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, has put before the EU and its Member States priority tasks to address the problems associated with this phenomenon, including development of effective cooperation mechanisms at national level on prevention, counteraction of irregular migration as well as amendment of legislation aimed at increasing the responsibility for organizing and facilitation of irregular migration.

The problem of irregular migration has not bypassed the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, since these states are at the crossroads of migration routes that lead to Europe. Therefore, prevention of facilitation of irregular migration is defined as one of the priority activities for the state migration authorities.

The EaP countries have been building up the capacity to apply best European practices in countering facilitation of irregular migration and migrant smuggling, identification of victims of human trafficking for carrying out legislative and administrative reforms in the field of migration management, establishment of relevant structures and procedures.

The Expert Meeting on Preventing Facilitation of Irregular Migration will be dedicated to the issues of preventing facilitation of irregular migration and will be focused on following sessions:

  • Session І will be devoted to national approaches, as well as legislation of EU and EaP countries in the field of identification and counteracting of irregular migration channels and responsibility of facilitators; practical tools, used for prevention of irregular migration and its facilitation, in particular carrying out of information campaigns, cooperation with non-governmental sector etc.;
  • Session ІІ will consider the issues of strengthening cooperation of authorities involved in prevention of irregular migration and identification of facilitators. In addition, the following issues will be discussed: interagency and cross-border cooperation, cooperation between executive (law enforcement) and judicial authorities in the process of prosecution of facilitators, cooperation with financial institutions (financial intelligence units) regarding the detection and blocking of financial flows related to migrant smuggling;
  • Session ІІІ will focus on protection of human rights of irregular migrants in the process of prevention of irregular migration, as well as challenges related to provision of humanitarian assistance to irregular migrants;
  • Session IV – practical session, based on the active interaction among present experts, will consider one or several of the most relevant problematic aspects of prevention of facilitation of irregular migration. The topic will be identified in the process of preparation of the meeting jointly with the participating countries.

Expert meeting will become a platform for discussion and experience exchange between EU, EU Member States and EaP countries representatives, as well as representatives of international organizations, academia and non-governmental sector.

Organising countries: 
Ukraine and Lithuania
17-18 October 2017
  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration