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379 foreigners have applied for asylum in Georgia this year


379 citizens of different countries have asked for the asylum in Georgia over a six month period this year.

The statistics of the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia reads that majority request asylum from Iraq (67), Turkey (41), Egypt (40), Iran (38), India (24) and Russia (22).

This year Georgia has refused asylum to 169 seekers. The case was dismissed on the basis of a personal statement in 121 cases.

During the first six months of the current year, 46 applicants have been granted shelter in Georgia, out of these, 24 have received refugee status and 22 humanitarian status.

The five year statistics of asylum-seekers in Georgia shows that in 2012, 599 people applied to Georgia for shelter requests, 719 in 2013, 1792 in 2014, 1449 in 2015 and 947 in 2016.

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