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About 25,000 foreigners get Belarusian tourist visas every year


According to the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about 25,000 foreigners get Belarusian tourist visas every year.

Along with facilitating the acquisition of Belarusian visas the Ministry has been persistently working to simplify entrance procedures for foreign citizens for the past two years. A draft presidential decree to permit citizens of 80 countries to stay in Belarus visa-free for five days is under preparation.

At present, citizens of the following countries are exempt from Belarusian visa requirements: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Venezuela, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Macedonia, Mongolia, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Montenegro. Apart from that, some visa-free travel options are available to foreigners visiting the “Belovezhskaya Pushcha” national park and the “Augustow Canal” park.

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