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Agreement on recognition of Interpol travel document to be published in Moldova


The law on the ratification of the agreement between Moldova’s government and the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) on the recognition of the Interpol Travel Document and the decree by the Moldovan President on its promulgation to be published in the 7 September issue of the Official Journal.  

The document should facilitate the travel of Moldova’s competent authorities to Interpol Member States, for the police cooperation and to fulfill official tasks. Under the Agreement, the holders of the travel act will benefit from a special status of visas.

The law due to be published in the Official Journal sees that the government will undertake needed measures for the carrying out of the concerned agreement’s stipulations. At the same time, the Foreign Affairs and European Integration Ministry will notify the International Criminal Police Organization about the fulfillment of the domestic procedures for the accord’s entrance into force.   

The agreement between Moldova’s cabinet and the International Criminal Police Organization – Interpol was signed in Beijing on 28 September 2017.

The Interpol Travel Document is officially recognized by 77 member states of this organization.

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