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Amount of remittance sent home by Ukrainian migrants calculated by the National Bank of Ukraine


During the last 5 years Ukrainians have transferred about $ 30 billion of remittance through banks and international payment systems from around the world. According to NBU, more than $ 5 billion have been transferred in cash.

Only for the last 10 months of this year more than 82 million UAH have been transferred from Poland to Ukraine through the TransferGo service.

The National Bank of Ukraine names Poland one of the top 10 countries, from where remittance to Ukraine is usually made. However, the volume of transfers by official channels is small - up to 5% of the total flow. NBU states that about $ 100 million were transferred from Poland in 2016.

In terms of remittance, Russia ranks first. Ukrainians also receive money from migrants residing in the the US and Germany. NBU clarifies that by the end of 2016 about $ 1 billion of remittance was transferred from Russia to Ukraine.

On a separate note, Armenia is one of the three leading countries in Europe and Central Asia regarding remittance sent home by labor migrants.

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