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Belarus changes the rules of notification on foreigners' stay


Since October 1, 2017, hotels, sanatoriums, agro-enterprises, as well as legal entities and entrepreneurs who rent accommodation to tourists, will have to inform the internal affairs agencies about the foreigners who move in within three hours. Earlier, the term was 24 hours since the moment of checking in.

Now, if foreigners plan to spend more than five days in Belarus, they need to register. This can be done in a hotel or an agro-hotel. But if a tourist rents an apartment or comes to relatives, then it will have to be done in the local department for citizenship and migration.

The tourists who come for the weekend or public holidays make an exception to this rule. Also, Russians are released from registration within 90 days since the date of entry, and Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians and Kazakhs — within 30 days since the date of entry.

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