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The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova approves Diaspora Programme for 2019 – 2025


The Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova has approved on 1 August the Diaspora Programme "DAR 1+3" for 2019-2025, which aims to mobilise the human and financial potential of the Diaspora for local socio – economic development of Moldova.

The Programme main objectives include stimulating the development of rural and urban localities in Moldova by attracting human and financial capital from the Diaspora, maintaining the link between citizens left and localities through the implementation of local development programmes and projects. Another goal is to increase the Diaspora's involvement in socio-economic development at local level.

The Programme beneficiaries will receive non-refundable funding for local development projects. The project financing will be based on "1+3" partnership, financial contribution of the Diaspora will be provided by Government jointly with local public authorities, development partners/donors.

The maximum amount allocated to Programme "DAR 1+3" and the mode of financing from the Government will be set annually, within the limits of budget allocations. The Programme "DAR 1+3" will be implemented starting 1 January 2019. The campaign to inform and promote the Programme in Moldova and abroad will be organised and supported financially from Diaspora Bureau sources and development/donor partners.

Taking into account significant migration flows over recent 20 years, it is necessary to extend the transversal approach of policies and programmes on Diasporas, migration and development. Thus, it is necessary to cooperate more actively with Diaspora Associations, Local Associations, Initiative Groups and Migrant Citizens Abroad, or return to implement projects in native localities, noted the project authors.

According to them, 40 localities have successfully integrated migration into local development, with 36 local development projects supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation being launched. About nine thousand migrants have contributed over MDL 3.5 million to provide better services in their native villages and cities. All these projects are co-funded and co-implemented in partnership by local public authorities and Diaspora members.

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