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Customs services to be digitalized in Moldova


On 25 May, the Customs Service of Moldova informed that it started the process of automation of all sectors, including the administrative ones. The process will be carried out gradually and will comprise more implementation phases.   

Director General of the Customs Service Vitalie Vrabie asked the institution’s specialists to work out a strategy of developing the IT infrastructure.

Vrabie also demanded a report due to contain IT solutions to all sectors managed, beginning from the risk analysis, customs clearance or subsequent control, up to the management of human resources and documents.   

“We will prioritize the needs. At the first stage, we will start with selection of five vital fields for the customs activity; after that, we will continue with the development of the IT infrastructure at the level of the entire system,” Vitalie Vrabie noted.    
Besides the development of IT programmes, the Customs head also stressed the need to develop data centres managed by the customs authority. This is necessary for extending the capacities of stocking data. “The increase in trade exchanges and the number of crossings, recorded year after year, generates also an increase in data flows. Therefore, we must think about the future and provide these stocking rooms,” Vrabie said.   

In the next two weeks, the leadership of the Customs Service will unveil an action plan, as well as the estimated costs for all modernizations scheduled. All works will be covered from the institution’s budget, as well as from funds provided by development partners.

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