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Data on people crossing Moldova's border to be included into integrated system


Data on people crossing the border will be included into an integrated system of the Border Police, under a decision approved at a cabinet on 6 December 2017. 

According to the document, the integral information system of the Border Police will be meant for the collection, processing, stocking, updating and analyzing data about the private persons and transport means crossing Moldova’s border, including of those who were denied the entrance or exit from Moldova.  

The data’s record will contain the number of the document which reasons the application of the confinement, its issuance, legal ground, short description of the device, date of confinement’s application, date of ban’s expiration, family name, first name and rank of the policeman who applied the border confinement in the integral information system. 

The data about the private person (family name, first name, patronymic, gender, date of birth, identification number, citizenship, digital patterns of the photograph and fingerprints, status at crossing the border – driver, passenger, pedestrian, cyclist), data on the transport means (registration number, car model, year of fabrication, colour, number of the registration certificate, number of the car’s coachwork/chassis) will be included in the register. The date and hour of crossing, direction of movement, border checkpoint, data concerning the border policeman who authorized the crossing will be included too.  

The system will also contain data on the events taking place on the green segment of the border. This data will be provided to competent public authorities, as well as to private persons or legal entities.

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