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E-Visa in Azerbaijan: ASAN Viza system may issue multiple electronic documents


Report news agency provided curious update on the issue of e-visa in Azerbaijan. The draft law on amendment to the Migration Code submitted to Milli Majlis (Azerbaijani Parliament) by the President of Azerbaijan proposes issuing multiple electronic visas through ASAN Viza system to foreign nationals visiting Azerbaijan.

Pursuant to the first paragraph of the Article 38 of the Migration Code, foreigners and stateless persons visiting the country may obtain e-visa in Azerbaijan via ASAN Viza system.

The duration of stay of the single entry visa issued online is determined as 30 days. According to the proposed amendment, duration of multiple visa will be determined as 90 days.

The draft law says that the article 38 of the Migration Code allows foreigners and stateless persons to get visas through ASAN Viza facilities.

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