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EAP Panel Meeting on Migration Strategies to be held in Minsk on 7-8 December


The meeting on migration strategies scheduled for 7-8 December 2016 will be held in Minsk, Belarus. Participants from the EU and EaP countries will discuss why it is important for a country, or even for a whole region, to have a migration strategy, how to effectively organize its drafting process and eliminate obstacles for its adoption and implementation.

The agenda foresees the following topics:

  • preconditions and rationale for adoption or updating of both national and regional strategies;
  • requirements to the quality of the document;
  • needs assessment and preliminary research before the drafting begins;
  • type of a document (its legal status, structure and extent of details, implementation and monitoring mechanisms);
  • drafting team;
  • thematic priorities and extent of coherence and interconnectedness;
  • duration of the strategy;
  • obstacles including absence of political will;
  • action plans for the strategy’s implementation;
  • its evaluation, reporting, revision;
  • obstacles and success stories including legislative and administrative changes introduced as the result of the adoption of migration strategies.

The meeting is organized jointly by Belarus and Lithuania with support from the European Commission and the Mission of the International Organization for Migration in Ukraine.

For more information about the meeting please see its Concept Note.

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