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Eastern Partnership Panel on Migration and Asylum Meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants will take place in Warsaw


On 14-15 December 2017 the Panel Meeting on Economic Integration of Migrants to be held in Warsaw.

The meeting will gather experts from the EU Member States, the Eastern Partnership countries, EU institutions, international organizations, representatives of civil society and academia to assess the effectiveness of the existing policy frameworks and tools in the sphere of economic integration at both the EU and national levels. In addition, the experts will discuss such issues as facilitation and measuring of migrant’s economic integration, protection of migrant workers from abuse and exploitation, the importance of education and recognition of qualifications and skills for successful integration, the role of well economically integrated diaspora in building and harnessing the potential of the migration-development nexus, and others.

The Meeting’s agenda includes four thematic sessions:

  • Policy frameworks for economic integration of migrants;
  • Measuring economic integration, identifying barriers and facilitators;
  • Tools of economic integration including pre-departure stage support;
  • Interactive session based on appreciative inquiry method.

The event is organized jointly by Poland and Georgia with the support of the European Commission (EC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Ukraine.

The meeting is closed for the mass media. The press release as well as the meeting materials will be uploaded in the relevant section of the Panel’s website

More information can be found at the following link.

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