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Estonia to create DNA and fingerprint registers

The electronic databases may contain personalised data (e.g. fingerprints or DNA test specimens taken in the legitimate manner), or data that are not personalised ( e.g. fingerprints or DNA test specimens taken at crime scenes).

Data in the registers will be provided and used by the border guard department, department for citizenship and migration, prisons, courts, public prosecution offices and other pre-trial investigators. Besides, in case of necessity, the data may be provided to foreign countries in the course of fulfillment of international agreements.

The registered data are not subject to publication. Every instance of use of the register leaves a log file only. Monitoring over the registers and legitimacy of their use will be carried out by the data security inspectorate.

Ministry of the Interior is the agency responsible for processing of the registers. Centre for Forensic Examination and Criminal Science will act as the accredited processor of the state fingerprints register; the same Centre and the Estonian Bureau for Forensic Medical Examination are appointed to act as the DNA register accredited processor.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration