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EU opens upgraded Armenia-Georgia border crossing

An upgraded Armenian border crossing point has been opened at Bagratashenon 4 November under an EU-funded and UN-implemented project. Citizens of Armenia and tourists from Georgia will benefit from simplified procedures, reduced waiting times, modern infrastructure and equipment, and improved security measures implemented as part of the “Modernisation of Bagratashen, Bavra and Gogavan Border Crossing Points of Armenia” (MBBG) project.
The modernisation of the border crossing points is expected to raise the living standards of local populations, increase ability to move across borders freely and easily, and engage in cross-border trade between local border communities. It is being implemented in accordance with the requirements of Armenian law and international standards, as well as the principles of comprehensive border administration.
The EU and UNDP have worked together to ensure modern and streamlined procedures and trained 700 border officials in search techniques, profiling, dealing with refugees, and fighting drug trafficking. The EU’s affiliate European Investment Bank (EIB) has extended a EUR 30.8 million loan to the Government of Armenia for financing of the project, which was complemented by a EUR 17.6 million grant from the European Union.
  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration