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EU Residence Permit: Ukrainians are leading in number of received documents


The issue of receiving EU residence permit remains actual for many Ukrainians. And there are already some good news in this regard. According to the Eurostat data, citizens of Ukraine received the most permits for residence in the EU Member States in 2016.

Last year Ukrainians received almost 589 thousand permits. Syrian citizens hold the second place with 348 thousand permits and the US citizens are the third with 250 thousand permits.

Mostly, EU residence permit for Ukrainians was provided by Poland - 87% (more than 512 thousand). Ukrainians are also welcome in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Notably, most Ukrainians received their permits due to employment.

In 2016, the EU issued almost 3.5 million of residence permits. This is a record number since 2008.

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