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The number of migrants in the EU may already exceed the population of Cyprus and Malta

More than 1.1 million of the 2.2 million people who sought asylum in the EU...


A new report of the Council of Europe calls for a review of the procedures for assessing the age of migrants

On 20 September 2017, A new report “Age assessment: Council of Europe member states’ policies, procedures and...


IOM and UNICEF presented joint report on the plight of migrant and refugee children

More than 75 per cent of migrant and refugee children trying to reach Europe via...


EU court rejects Hungary-Slovakia appeal of refugee quotas

On Wednesday, 06 September 2017, the European Court of Justice decided to dismiss the claims...


European leaders agreed on a new asylum policy for African

The leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Spain have agreed on a new policy to...


The likelihood of dying among people seeking to reach Europe by sea is still “alarmingly high”

According to the report presented by UNHCR, an estimated 2,253 people died or went missing...


Ukraine ratified agreement with Europol

On 7 August 2017, the Law of Ukraine "On the ratification of the Agreement between...


European Commission awards €9.3 million to support refugees in Greece

The European Commission has awarded an additional €9.3 million to UNCHR to provide targeted support...


EU to revise conditions of entry and residence of highly skilled labour migrants

On July 26, the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Council of the EU agreed...


EU extends mandate of Mediterranean anti-smuggling operation

On 25 July 2017, the European Council extended the mandate of the EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia until 31 December...

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