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European Union to improve security on the Georgian-Turkish border


European Union handed over border surveillance equipment worth EUR 3.4 million to the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs on 1 February.  The support comes as part of the EU-funded and IOM-implemented project “Reinforcing the Capacities of the Government of Georgia in Border and Migration Management”.

The donation included communication, surveillance and detection equipment for the strengthening of Georgia’s capabilities of guarding the green border with Turkey. The specialized equipment contains, among other items, watch towers that are currently being constructed along the Georgian-Turkish border. Once fully in place, these towers will be equipped with various types of surveillance equipment and connected to equipment that will detect any sort of irregular movement across the green border.

The expectation is that the equipment will be fully operational from June 2017 onwards. The end-user of those products will be the Border Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The Border Police staff deployed in the Ajara and Samtskhe-Javakheti provinces is currently undergoing extensive training to learn how to use the equipment professionally and manage it in full consistency with Georgia’s Integrated Border Management policies.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration