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Expert Meeting on Preventing Facilitation of Irregular Migration will take place in Kiev


On 17-18 October 2017, the Expert Meeting on Preventing Facilitation of Irregular Migration to be held in Kiev.

In view of increased migration flows in the EU as well as recent activation of migration routes in the Eastern Europe, and in particular in the Black Sea region, the stated theme is extremely relevant both for the EU Member States and the Eastern Partnership countries.

The meeting will gather experts from the EU Member States, the Eastern Partnership countries, EU institutions, international organizations, representatives of civil society and academia to discuss recent trends, developments and challenges in preventing facilitation of irregular migration. The agenda includes four thematic sessions:

  • Preventing and countering facilitation of irregular migration: from legal solutions to best practices;
  • Stronger cooperation – better results;
  • Facilitation of irregular migration: humanitarian dimension;
  • Interactive session dedicated to interagency and cross-border cooperation for the analysis and investigation of facilitated irregular migration: strategies and best practice.

The event is organized jointly by Ukraine and Lithuania with the support of the European Commission (EC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Ukraine.

More information can be found at the following link.

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