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Georgia refused entry of about 3 thousand foreigners


From January to July 2017 the Georgian authorities denied entry to the country of about 3 thousand foreigners.

Most often the refusals were received by the citizens of India – in the first half of 2017 Georgia refused to enter 571 people. On the second place are the citizens of Turkey - refusal of entry received 492 citizens of this country. The citizens of Azerbaijan have also shot the top three - 418 citizens of this country were not allowed to enter Georgia in the past six months.

Also, most often the refusal to enter Georgia was received by citizens of the following countries: Russia (230), Syria (175), Uzbekistan (171), Turkmenistan (99), Armenia (88), Pakistan (85) and Egypt (61).

 At the same time, according to statistics, the largest number of refusals was received by those arriving at the Tbilisi International Airport - 39.5% of all refusals.

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