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Long-stay visa fees to be introduced by Estonia for Ukrainians and Belarusians


Fees will be introduced for Ukrainians and Belarusians who apply for long-stay visas to live and work in Estonia.

The state expects approximately 2 million euro to be raised from the introduction of long-stay visa fees, known as D visas, and additional consular fees. In addition, fees will be introduced for accepting applications, issuing documents at foreign missions or through the Estonian Honorary Consular.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia explained the decision was made when discussing next year's budget strategy.

Since June 2017 Ukrainian citizens who hold biometric passports do not require a visa to enter European Union countries in the Schengen zone for short-term stays. A free long-term visa can also be issued if a person finds a job and wants to stay in a European Union country.

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