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Measures to reform the State Migration Service of Ukraine


Ukrainian Government approved the Action Plan for reforming the State Migration Service (SMS) in 2017. The list of measures includes:

  • connecting the centers for the provision of administrative services to the process of issuing of biometric passports;
  • unification, standartization and simplification of the procedures for the provision of administrative services to the population by the SMS departments;
  • establishing a contact center, hotline support service for the population, ensuring communication via skype and social media;
  • profession-oriented training of the migration service staff;
  • exchanging experience with foreign countries and international organizations in the sphere of migration in order to enhance professional skills of SMS staff on matters of identification of Ukrainian nationals, foreigners and stateless persons;
  • conducting the analysis of the legislative framework and procedures with the aim to identify corruption risks and produce recommendations for legislative amendments.

When implemented, the measures will ensure quality services for Ukrainian nationals, foreigners and stateless persons and will further align the standards of the SMS’s activities with the European requirements.

The text of the Action Plan (in Ukrainian) is available here.

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