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Meeting of border control agencies of the baltic-black sea region countries took place in Odesa


Representatives of Ukraine, Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Moldova, Poland and Latvia participated in the conference for the border control agencies of the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea region which was held in Odesa on 28 April. Representatives of Frontex, EUAM, EUBAM and IOM Ukraine also attended the conference.

During the event the participants discussed priority cooperation vectors aimed at prevention of uncontrolled expansion of the migration crisis along the EU eastern borders. They also assessed possible risks of emerging of new channels of irregular migration especially through the Black Sea and also looked at the possibility of extending joint operations under the Frontex’s auspices to the Black Sea basin.

In conclusion, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed. It contains agreements achieved regarding cooperation in the sphere of integrated border management, ensuring border security, joint risk analysis, exchange of information between the countries of the Baltic-Black Sea region.

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