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Migration rates of Armenian citizens slowed down


After political developments that took place in Armenia in reсent months, the outflow of migrants from the country has slowed down, Armen Ghazaryan, chief of the territorial administration ministry’s migration service, said on 9 October.

According to the statistical service’s figures, the migration balance for the first half of this year was minus 5,204 people instead of the minus 30,853 recorded in the same period a year before. 
Ghazaryan also said that the number of asylum seekers’ applications in the EU countries shrank this year as well. 

“As many as 2,490 applications were filed in the first half of this year, while at the same period a year earlier their number stood at 3,270,” he said. 
In his words, Armenian citizens seek asylum not only in the EU big countries but also in Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. 

The migration service chief also said that the Armenian authorities have received 84 applications from 145 people from refugee status seekers. 

The authorities satisfied 36 applications filed by 67 people and declined 18 applications from 24 applicants.

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