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Migration related statistics of Azerbaijan for 2016


By means of the Unified Information System on Migration it was established that during 2016 1,143,951 foreign nationals and stateless persons entered the country on 2,242,783 occasions while 1,137,351 foreigners exited the country on 2,242,788 occasions. 672,337 foreigners registered their place of stay, 51,710 permanent and temporary residence permits were issued, 9,480 persons received work permits.

During the last five years belonging to the citizenship of Azerbaijan of 68,270 persons was established.

Based on the materials received from the law-enforcement authorities on participation of 58 persons in religious extremist and terrorist activities outside the territory of Azerbaijan the State Migration Service has initiated the procedures on depriving these persons of the citizenship of Azerbaijan, the necessary decisions have been adopted by the courts.

7,956 persons possessing dual citizenship were identified; they are being accounted in a separate database.

95 foreigners (209 together with family members) applied for refugee status. Presently there are 73 persons in the country registered as refugees.

Under the readmission agreement with the European Union 120 persons whose Azerbaijani citizenship was confirmed were readmitted to Azerbaijan.

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