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Migration Statistics: State Migration Service of Azerbaijan presented data for the first nine months of 2017


On the meeting dedicated to the results of 9 months of 2017 fresh migration statistics was presented by the Chief of the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Firudin Nabiev. Mr Nabievinformed thatduring the above-mentioned period, 1 243 346 foreigners entered the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan and 1,241,005  foreigners left the country.

It was noted that in accordance with staying period in the country during the 9 months 633,827 foreigners and stateless persons applied for registration in the country upon the place of stay.

Throughout the past 9 months of this year 17,076 decisions were made on violation of migration as well as administrative legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan by foreigners and stateless persons as a result of measures and investigations conducted in Baku city, as well as in other cities and districts of the Republic.

According to the newest migration statistics, from January till September 2017, 66, 828 applications were received by State Migration Service on obtaining permits to stay and reside within the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, obtaining work permits to carry out paid labor activity, determination of refugee status, adoption, revocation and restoration of citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan and establishment of citizenship. Each application was investigated in accordance with the requirements of legislation and relevant decisions were made.

Furthermore, 14, 482 foreign citizens and stateless persons were ordered to leave the country within 48 hours over the analyzed period of time.


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