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Migration Statistics: The State Migration Service of Azerbaijan presented data for January 2018


During January 2018, the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan made 1,635 decisions in connection with violations of migration and administrative legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan by foreigners and stateless persons as a result of measures and investigations conducted in Baku city, as well as in other cities and districts of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

1,052 decisions, including 865 decisions on leaving the country, 187 decisions on the legalization of residence within the territory of the country, were made on the imposition of the penalty without administrative expulsion from the territory of the country. 433 decisions on imposition of penalty with administrative expulsion from the territory of the country, 94 decisions on restriction of foreigners and stateless persons’ entry to the country for violating requirements of  the relevant articles of the Migration Code,  25 decisions on replacement of document for temporary and permanent residence, 31 decisions on failing to take measures for registration and deregistration of foreigners and stateless persons upon the place of stay, in a way envisaged by the Migration Code, by citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan or  foreigners and stateless persons residing in the Republic of Azerbaijan who provided residential area to them.

In total during the month the State Migration Service received 6,652 applications on extending temporary stay period, obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits, adoption, revocation and restoration of citizenship, as well as establishing citizenship and determining refugee status, issuing work permits for carrying out labor activity and extending period of existing work permits for foreigners and stateless persons. Each application was investigated individually in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan and relevant decisions were made.

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