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Moldova directs efforts to integrate and employ citizens returning from abroad


According to the Bureau for Diaspora Relations of the Republic of Moldova, 2,900 citizens who returned to the country from abroad were registered in 2016. They were provided with a full range of employment and social protection services in case of unemployment. Thus, according to the National Agency for Employment, about 1,000 citizens who returned to the country in 2016 has already been employed.

Of the total number of citizens returning to Moldova, 20% are women. At the same time, 40% of those who returned home are aged between 30-40 years, 27% – between 16-29 years old and 11%  – over 50 years. As in the previous year, most of citizens returned from Russia – 2,413 people (84%), followed by Italy – 136 people (5%), Czech Republic, Germany and Poland – 40 people from each state (1%).

To facilitate the integration in the labor market, the unemployed returnees were provided with advanced professional trainings through the National Center for Employment. Thus, 79 citizens who returned from abroad passed the courses on improvement of their professional skill in 2016.

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