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Moldova encourages its citizens living abroad to open businesses in their homeland


The economic programs and opportunities to promote the return and sustainable reintegration of migrants were presented during the Days of Diaspora by the Organization for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises (ODIMM).

In this context, the ODIMM’s Small and Medium Enterprises Support Programs were presented: Program for Attracting Remittances in PARE 1+1 Economy, Loan Guarantee Fund, Pilot Program Women in Business, Business Consultancy Service.

The ODIMM data show that from the launch until 01 June 2017 through this program, MDL 170 million (about USD 9.5 million ) were granted and the total amount of investments exceeded MDL 560 million (about USD 31.4 million). In total, there were created 1600 new jobs, including 500 for women and 450 for young workers.

The ODIMM develops and implements programs and projects designed to support the ideas of all entrepreneurs wishing to develop their own affairs. The ODIMM is a public institution created by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in 2007 and acts in coordination with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure.

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