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Moldova extends moratorium on citizenship through investments programme


The moratorium on the citizenship through investments programme will be extended by another two months, starting from 20 December 2029. In last July, a moratorium was established on the reception of new applications on getting Moldova’s citizenship through investment for a four-month period.  

Under the draft, during 30 days, the Interior Ministry, Migration and Asylum Bureau, National Anticorruption Centre, Intelligence and Security Service and the Service for the Prevention and Combating of Money Laundering will submit to the commission for the consideration of the file for getting the citizenship through participation in investment programme reports on the assessment of the file from the viewpoint of risks for the state’s public order and security, corruption, money laundering in Moldova.    

The commission, based on the evaluation reports, and jointly with the aforementioned authorities, will work out and submit to the government a consolidate report, with the needed conclusions and recommendations. Subsequently, a final decision will be taken on the programme for getting the citizenship through investments.

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