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Moldova to launch Diaspora Succeeds at Home programme


The Moldovan diaspora is encouraged to support the development of the origin settlements through the programme Diaspora Succeeds at Home (DAR 1+3).

The financing of projects within the programme will be made based on the 1+3 partnership; Diaspora’s financial contribution will be supplemented by the government, jointly with local public authorities, development partners/donors.

Activities dealing with infrastructure (water and sewerage, roads, schools, kindergartens, community centres), environmental protection (preventing the pollution of the environment, waste management) and economy (region’s development, investments, development of agriculture) are eligible for financing.   

Also, projects concerning the energy efficiency (solar panels, street illumination, thermal isolation), culture (protection of heritage, leisure zones, development of rural tourism, exhibitions and festivals), education (programmes for children, sport, innovation, transfer of knowledge and know-how) and social protection (medical centres, social centres, social canteens, etc.) will benefit from support as well.

The programme Diaspora Succeeds at Home (DAR 1+3) is stipulated for the period 2019-2025, starting from 1 January 2019 and is aimed at turning to good account the human and financial potential of the Diaspora for Moldova’s social and economic development.

So far, 40 settlements have successfully integrated migration in the local development, with 36 projects on local development launched, backed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. About 9,000 migrants contributed with more than 3.5 million lei to bring better services to their native villages and towns. All these projects are co-financed and co-implemented in partnership by local public authorities and Diaspora members.

  The Project is funded
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The Project is implemented
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