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Moldova-Ukraine border: new border crossing point to be launched with EU support by the end of 2018


The Palanca State Border Crossing Point, which is jointly administrated by the authorities of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, is being built from the ground up with support provided by the EU. The new facility should be launched by the end of 2018.

The checking of passengers, vehicles and goods will be performed just once in this point – on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, by both countries’ customs and border police officers. The authorities estimate that waiting time will be reduced by half, while the flows of passengers and goods will increase. At the same time, offences will be easier to detect due to the joint control at the border.

The new facility will cover a territory of around two and a half hectares and will include a modern administrative building with over 30 offices for staff of the border police and customs services of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, and specially equipped premises for checking vehicles and lorries.

It is estimated that the flows of passengers and goods will significantly increase after the new border crossing point begins operation. Currently, the Palanca Border Crossing Point operates from an old building and the infrastructure cannot cope with the large number of travellers and vehicles crossing the border.

“EU assistance to the construction of this joint border crossing point will improve the implementation of the integrated border management principles, in line with best practice of the EU and will facilitate trade, which will contribute to the economic stabilization and sustainable development of the region,” said EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko. “At the same time, citizens will benefit from improved border crossing conditions, according to European standards.”

The budget for building the Palanca State Border Crossing Point is €5.56 million, of which €4.5 million has been provided by the EU and €1.06 million by the Moldovan Government. The project is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The Palanca State Border Crossing Point is located on the south-eastern border of the Republic of Moldova, 150 km from Chisinau. The opening of joint border crossing points falls within the scope of the Association Agreement signed by the Republic of Moldova and the EU.

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