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Moldovan government approves draft law on ratification of Agreement on Social Security with Turkey


On 10 August 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers of Moldova approved the draft law on ratification of the Agreement on Social Security between the Republic of Moldova and Turkey.

The purpose of the Agreement is to provide a framework for social security guarantees for Moldovan migrant workers who reside or work in Turkey. According to the document, citizens who have been in temporary employment in Turkey at the age of retirement will receive a pension from this state and will be insured with income in the form of social benefits during the period of their activity in the event of the occurrence of some insured risks, such as disability and loss of the maintainer.

The sickness, maternity and unemployment benefits shall be provided in accordance with the applicable legislation.

The lawmakers state that the provisions of the Agreement create favourable conditions for migrants from the Republic of Moldova to return to the country, because on reaching the retirement age they will be able to benefit, on the basis of the Agreement, from the social security rights acquired in Turkey on the territory of Moldova.

The Republic of Moldova has signed bilateral social security agreements with 13 Member States of the European Union.

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