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Moldovan government to step up efforts to reintegrate citizens returned from abroad


On 23 August 2017, the government of Moldova approved the Action Plan for 2017-2020 on the reintegration of Moldovan citizens returning from abroad.

According to the government's communication and protocol department, the document aims to develop programmes and services for Moldovan citizens returning from abroad by providing the necessary support for reintegration. Among the actions envisaged in this respect are: diversification of measures and improvement of school reintegration services, youth and elderly programs and employment measures. Some other actions aim at promoting the possibilities of accessing the financial funds for Moldovan citizens returning from abroad, implementing and diversifying the remittance programmes in the development of the national economy.

Also, it was established the Inter-ministerial Committee on Diaspora, Migration and Development and the mechanism for coordinating and implementing state policy in the field was approved by central and local public authorities. Thus, the responsible institutions will apply the integrated approach of Diaspora, Migration and Development to their work programmes and assess the impact of migration.

The purpose of the approved documents is to ensure the effective implementation of the policy in the domain, help increase the positive effects and reduce the migration’s negative effects.

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