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Moldovan migrants contribute to the implementation of Migration and Local Development programme


More than 200,000 people from 23 Moldovan settlements will benefit from projects on improving the local infrastructure and better living conditions, due to the involvement of natives. These projects are to be carried out within a campaign titled, „Dezvoltăm cu drag ACASĂ” (We Develop with Heart and Soul AT HOME), launched under the aegis of the programme, Migration and Local Development (MiDl).    

The projects will be implemented in 18 villages and five towns from Moldova, for which a sum of 792,000 dollars will be turned to account. As much as 118,600 dollars of this sum represents migrants’ donation. At the same time, about 214,000 dollars was provided by local authorities and 460,000 dollars – by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Moldova, through the MiDl project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Those 23 projects were selected following consultations with residents and natives. To ensure transparency, mayoralties actively inform the residents about the turning to account of the funds through social networks, online meetings, informative panels and press releases.

According to an UNDP communiqué, a road segment with a length of 1.2 km was repaired in the Gura Galbenei village, southern Cimislia district, due to the mobilization of natives, who contributed with 7,800 dollars. An ecological market hall, which is to replace the local unauthorized market, will be constructed in the village of Selemet, the same district.

During this summer, the aforementioned campaign provides for launches of projects on illumination and arrangement in the village of Scoreni, central Straseni district, Ialoveni town, the opening of an aqueduct in the village of Slobozia Mare, southern Cahul district, etc.


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