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Moldovan parliament ratifies Moldova-Georgia agreement on readmission of illegally staying persons


The parliament today ratified the agreement between Moldova and Georgia on readmission of illegally staying persons.  

The document is aimed at fighting the illegal migration and readmitting the persons staying illegally on the territory of the two countries, as well as at strengthening the partnership between the states in the migration management sector.  

Under the agreement, “each contracting party takes commitment to accept on its territory, at the request by the other contracting party, any person who lost his/her citizenship, does not meet the conditions of entrance, stay or exit from the territory of the solicitant state, if it has been proved that this persons holds the citizenship of the solicited state.”    

Statistics data on fighting the illegal stay of foreigners on the territory of Moldova shows that 12 Georgian citizens in 2015 were returned from Moldova to Georgia, by 20 per cent more against 2014 (ten cases).

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