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More customs checkpoints at Moldovan-Ukrainian border to have video surveillance


More customs checkpoints from both sides of the Moldovan-Ukrainian border will have advanced systems of video surveillance, with possibility of automated recording of registration plates.  

The checkpoints Otaci, Criva, Tudora and Vulcanesti will benefit from these endowments on the side of Moldova as well as the checkpoints Mogilev-Podolsk, Starokazachie, Mamaliga, Vinogradovka and Platonovo  on the Ukrainian side.  

At the same time, the centre of monitoring and processing data of the Customs Service of Moldova will be subjected to modernization as well. The actions will be carried out within a project due to be implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Moldova. The project’s budget is of 4.44 million euros, of which more than 3.5 million euros is provided by EU and 888,000 euros represents the co-financing of the governments of Moldova and Ukraine.  

The stages of the project’s implementation were discussed at a meeting of the director of the Customs Service of Moldova, Vitalie Vrabie and Head of the IOM Mission in Moldova Lars Johan Lönnback. 

Under the project, the video surveillance project has a string advanced functionalities, such as the reading of the registration plates, monitoring the time of processing by each authority present at the post or processing of data on the mass and dimensions of lorries. The system will also allow an online exchange of this data between the customs services of the two states.

  The Project is funded
by the European
The Project is implemented
by the International
Organization for Migration