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National Statistics Bureau of Moldova presented statistics on Moldovans abroad


About 32.7 percent of the 283 thousand citizens of Moldova declared abroad by family members were aged 20-29 years, and another 27.2 percent - aged 30-39 years, according to the Population and Housing Census data, made in 2014, released by the National Statistics Bureau of Moldova.

About 79 percent of people left abroad are from villages. The statisticians believe that as compared to 2004 there is an increase in the share of people under the working age and over the working age who are abroad, which confirms the trend of reuniting migrant families.

Statistics also show that in 24 districts of Moldova the proportion of persons who went abroad in the total population of the district exceeds 10%. The highest share was recorded in Cimislia and Basarabeasca districts - 15.9 and 15.1 percent, and the lowest in the municipalities of Chisinau and Balti with 4.7 and 4.4 percent, respectively.

At least 81.4 per cent of Moldovans who are abroad left the country for working, about 5 per cent left for studies, and 12.2 per cent – for family reasons.

Official statistics confirm the figures from the report of the Bureau for Migration and Refugees, which show that in 2016 the age of the majority of citizens who left the country did not reach 40 years (64%). The estimated number of Moldovan citizens living abroad, according to the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Moldova, amounts to over 800 thousand.

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