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The number of labour migrants in Belarus decreases


The reduction affected labor migration flows from all countries, except China. Today, the Chinese top the list of countries by the number of labor migrants working in Belarus.

Last year, the number of labor migrants from the CIS was significantly reduced to almost 7,700. This is 2.2 times less than in 2015.  

The number of migrant workers who came from Ukraine last year was 2.2 times less than in 2015.

The number of Russians who found employment in Belarus decreased to 2,140 last in 2016 (-69 workers per year), Kazakhs - increased to 385 people (-268), Armenians - increased to 372 (-26), Kyrgyz - increased to 50 people (- 51). Citizens of the mentioned countries can work in Belarus without additional permits.

The number of labor migrants from the non-CIS countries also decreased last year. Only the number of labor migrants from China increased to 7,549 people (+324 workers compared to the level of 2015).

It should be noted that this year the tendency of reduction of the number of labor immigrants in Belarus remains. Thus, in January-June 2017 the number of those who came to work in Belarus was 2.5 thousand less than in the same period last year.

Last year, the rules for hiring migrant workers were tightened for foreign companies that operate in Belarus. This was done in order to protect the national labor market. However, experts and representatives of foreign companies expressed concern that they would hardly find the necessary personnel among the citizens of Belarus.

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