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Poland to impose temporary border control with Schengen area


Poland will be reintroducing internal border checks at land, air and sea with the Schengen countries as a security measure for the upcoming ministerial conference on the Middle East.

This year, Poland will be the host and co-organizer with the United States of America of the Mideast Summit, scheduled for 13-14 February. According to a press release of the Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration, border controls will be imposed for a week, from 10 to 16 February, as a security measure for the conference.

“At all sections of the internal Schengen border control will be temporarily restored. This applies to land, air and sea borders. Inspection of persons entering will be in force from 10 to 16 February this year,” the press release notifies.

It also points out that the possibility of restoring temporary border control has been used several times by the Schengen member states in events like this one, as a measure to prevent any possible security threats.

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