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Poland needs Ukrainian workers to compensate labour shortage


According to the Ministry of Labour, Poland could lose up to 1.35 million of workers, or 10% of an employable population, before 2020. Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Labour Mateusz Morawiecki says that the government needs to compensate this deficit as soon as possible.

The decision was made: to invite workers from Ukraine. Morawiecki mentioned that "things in Ukraine do not go well", so working abroad could support Ukrainian economics during the next several years. Some people may stay in Poland, but most will return home, assures Morawiecki.

The idea is to invite people to work after it will be coordinated with Development, Internal Affairs and Family Ministries, so the newcomers would get all the necessary support.

In February 2016 Poland adopted the so-called "Morawiecki plan". Its goal is to support Polish business, its productivity, to increase investments etc.

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